At Guardian our teams have extensive experience in Confined Space and Rope Rescue Operations. Working within some of the most hazardous industrial environments, our specialists are trained and equipped to deal with a variety of complex emergency response scenarios.

Each member of the team is fully qualified in Low, Medium and High risk Confined Space Rescue, Line Rescue Operations and is a serving member of the Fire and Rescue Service. For our highest risk operations, our teams are made up of USAR, and Technical Rescue Operators.

Confined Space Rescue Teams

Our dedicated confined space rescue teams are made up highly experienced operators, currently serving in the UK Fire & Rescue services. What better way to protect your teams, than by having the ‘Real Rescue Experts’ on standby.

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Rope Rescue / Rescue From Height Standby Teams

With a wealth of knowledge and experience working in high pressure, life threatening situations, our rope rescue teams comprise of IRATA and UK Fire & Rescue Service trained Technical Rope Rescue operators.

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Water Rescue Teams

Our Water Search and Rescue Specialists are made up of highly skilled tidal, fast flowing and still water response technicians, fully trained and certified with the latest techniques and equipment to provide the highest level of support in all water rescue operations and emergencies.

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